Light up LED Dice Set Shake to Glowing DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Dice Tabletop Games

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$29.99 USD
$29.99 USD

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dnd dice

Light up LED Dice Set Shake to Glowing DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Dice Tabletop Games


Light up LED Dice Set Shake to Glowing DND Dice for Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Dice Tabletop Games


DND Dice 04--Black and White Dice--Colored Dice

dragon dice

Rechargable Game LED Dice

Black light up dnd dices set are rechargeable and can be used multiple times, which will light up with red, green, blue light when collisions or rolls occur and goes out after 20s of no operation.

d&d custom dice

Glow In The Dark

Set of 7 DND dice with built-in high quality LED light. Red light indicates charging, green light indicates fully charged. It continuous use for 6 hours, and can be used 1700-2000 times after fully charged.

dice d&d

USB Rechargebable

The upgraded electronic dices come with a charging box with charging interface, which allows you easily charge these DND dice via power bank/power adapter/PC and more.

Note: The charging hole of the dice needs to be aligned with the charging hole of the charging bin in order to charge.


dnd dice sets for kids

Suitable for Game lovers

These cool high quality warm light breathing light Dice set great for any dice games like dungeons and dragons dice game, shadow running, war Hammer, pathfinder, savage world, hero, RPG tabletop game and card game, etc.

dungeons and dragons dice

About 'Sword' LED DND Dice Set 

Although we have tried to consider as many possibilities as possible when manufacturing this product, it is by no means a perfect product. Our first-generation product accepted many customer suggestions. The first-generation product did not have a charging function, so in the second generation, which is this series of products, we made improvements based on the suggestions of different customers. This model has the following major improvements compared to our first generation product:

  • Support charging.

  • Gift box packaging.

  • 3-color warm light breathing lamp (red/green/blue)

  • Light duration from 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

  • "Sword" pattern.

Dice Set Includes

  • 1-D4 16mm
  • 1-D6 16mm
  • 1-D8 16mm
  • 2-D10 (00-90 and 0-9) 16mm
  • 1-D12 18mm
  • 1-D20 18mm
  • 1 X Polyhedral Dice Charging Case
  • 1 X Type-c Charging Cable
  • 1 X LED DnD Dice Gift Box
dragon dice set

Grab your sword, set out with your dice, and dive into some epic adventures!

    Light up LED Dice Set

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    They where a gift . They loved them.

    Seven flashing DND dice in a charging case

    These dice look really cool and they start to flash different colors once you shake them. Each dice flashes through several colors and continues flashing for 15 or 20 seconds after you've rolled it. The numbers are fairly small, but not difficult to read when the dice are lit up. The only downside is that each die has two small charging dots that require placing them in the case a certain way, otherwise they won't charge. I had initially thought these might use wireless inductive charging like certain cell phones or electric toothbrushes, but that's not the case. It only takes a minute or two to ensure they're in the case correctly, so it's not too much of an issue. These would make a great gift for a DND fan.

    Almost perfect

    The best dice set ever gotten!
    The attention to detail is absolutely perfect, it’s a great buy overall

    Rolls well!

    Bought for a huge dnd fan and he loved them. He said they rolled really smoothly. They dice do have to be placed just right in the case for them to charge.

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