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The Ideas of Dice: Bringing DND to Life

by VictorydiceOfficial 25 Oct 2023 0 Comments

VictoryDice introduces latest Icebound Series led dice. This article will provide a detailed overview of the inspiration behind the Icebound series dice and the enhancements made to the product. Victorydice aim is to familiarize more customers with this brand-new dnd LED dice series.

Icebound Beholder

The inspiration for the first dice set in the Icebound series, Icebound Beholder, comes from the d&d concept of the Beholder. In Dungeons & Dragons, a Beholder is a classic and iconic creature known for its bizarre appearance. Designers have captured the Beholder's eye, sealed it in ice and frozen its magic. Yet, as you roll the dice, it injects new vitality, ready for battle. Learn more...

snow dnd dice

Icebound Snowflake

The second dice set, Icebound Snowflake, draws its design inspiration from the wintry and often inconspicuous element of snowflakes. Snowflakes, when accumulated, create snow, and while single snowflakes are aesthetically pleasing, they introduce additional perilous elements for players in icy and snowy campaign environments. Learn more...

thorn dnd dice

Icebound Bramble/Thorns

The third dice set in Icebound series continues with the concept of brambles. In previous release of the first-generation dice, victorydice official  incorporated the idea of brambles in the design. In Dungeons & Dragons, brambles are often a terrain or hazard that can hinder or harm characters and creatures. Thus, brambles are frequently used as environmental obstacles or traps in Dnd adventures. While previous Bramble dice set combined brambles with fire, this new release blends brambles with cold, emphasizing the unique challenges that frozen or snow-covered brambles bring to players in cold battlegrounds. Learn more...

Beyond the enhancements to the product's aesthetics, certain upgrades have been made to the dice's functionality:

Material Upgrade: Unlike the traditional first-generation dice with a single primer layer, the second-generation dice incorporate metallic paint, adding to their exquisite appearance. Simultaneously, the dice's quality has been enhanced, providing a better feel.

unique dnd dice sets


Illumination Upgrade: The new generation dice employ RGB lighting, resulting in more dazzling and dynamic lights when the dice are rolled.

dungeon master dice

Charging Upgrade: The brand-new dice set uses concealed wireless coils for safer and more convenient charging.

cheap dice sets

Waterproof Upgrade: The dice set is now equipped with IP68 waterproof, offering improved water resistance and the flexibility to clean the dice at any time.

Exquisite Packaging: To cater to the desires of more Dnd enthusiasts, the product packaging features a Dnd ice and snow theme, making it a perfect gift for Dnd aficionados.

d&d led dice package

The newly launched dice set is designed with the aim of ensuring our customers' satisfaction in every aspect. We are committed to ongoing development to bring you more exciting products in the future.

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